About Us

About UsBroken Arrow Pet Resort and Spa, previously known as Hilltop Pet Hotel, was recently purchased by the owners of the very popular Woodland West Pet Resort of Tulsa. Freshly under reconstruction as of August 2014, we are dedicated to providing high-class service while still leaving that small town feel of this facility. We strive to make sure your four-legged friend feels right at home during their stay. That means they can run and prance outside in our big play yards during playtime as well as get daily milk bones just like they would at home! If you have any questions, please call us at (918) 486-3494 or send us an email.

Our property is secured by multiple 6 foot and 8 foot chain link fences. We now have iron entry gates that are kept shut after business hours. Our facility is monitored by an alarm. And the manager and other staff members live on the property.

All of our kennel technicians are trained in pet first aid and to know the signs of any discomfort.

We sanitize the kennel runs, both inside and out, as well as food and water dishes daily.

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