Why us

Because we will surely love your furry family members just as much as you do. We treat every pup, cat or chinchilla that comes through our doors as if it were our own


This is the only place I’ll take my dogs to for boarding now! They take really good care of them and keep me updated, even posted pictures of them for us to see. I have a larger nervous dog and they did awesome with her. I was very happy with them!

We love taking our dog here. We’ve used them for boarding several times now and I don’t think we’ll ever go anywhere else. They have the best prices that we’ve found and they really care about the animals staying there. Our dog was terrified the first time he stayed, but now he goes with whoever is there without a problem! We’ve used some of their grooming services and they do a great job. I highly recommend them!!

“Necessesities when coming home from Texas, go get your favorite boy from doggy daycare! 10/10 recommend taking your pups to Broken Arrow Pet Resort and Spa. That’s where I always leave my baby when I go out of town.”

“I Love Broken Arrow Pet Resort but more important, my dogs do too. It is so reassuring to know my “babies” are not only cared for but played with and spoiled when there. They can’t get into the door fast enough when we go there. That’s wonderful for me to see. Thank You for all you do Broken Arrow Pet Resort and Spa.”


Our Sweet Fur Loves

We boarded our dog Bear for 10 days with them. He was so happy to be there, I didn't think he would leave. He is big (82 lbs) and 18 months old. He isn't around any dogs at home so he enjoys being around other dogs. The Staff really enjoys all the dogs and love their work there. Bear will be back. Thanks!!!

Jerry Owens

They did a really good job grooming our teacup Yorkie

Sherry Dawn Lehew Fulton

My kitty stayed there for 4 nights. It was really affordable and the staff was nice. The animals all seemed well maintained and happy. I'll definitely use them for the next time.

Heather Hughes